More Purr. Less Price.

Community Cat Clinic is prepared to care for your kitty whether they just need a check up, vaccines, spay/neuter surgery or they need comprehensive care for an injury or illness - all at affordable prices.
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Cat Only Care in Your Community

We love our feline patients and respect their owners. We welcome every cat and ever cat caretaker to a safe, fear-free clinic where beloved pets can receive quality care and their owners will feel comfortable.
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For Your Cat

Veterinarians and technicians who specialize in feline healthcare and behavior. Services centered around cats’ unique health and wellness needs. Modern spaces designed just for cats to ensure a calm, comfortable visit.
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For You

Friendly, helpful staff to make your experience efficient and stress-free. Hours or appointment options that fit into your busy schedule. Prices that keep your budget in mind.

Providing Resources to Help You Learn and Prepare

The staff at Community Cat Clinic takes an active roll in helping you understand your cat’s needs and wants while you’re in the office. But what if you want to learn more before or after a visit? Check out our Resource Bank for in-depth information, tips and tricks, and other info that’ll help you keep your kitty healthy and happy.

Committed to Community

The doctors and staff at Community Cat Clinic don’t just work in your neighborhood, they care deeply about the quality of life of both the cats and cat-lovers who live here and give the community its unique character.
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How We Help

The clinic provides spay/neuter assistance for stray, feral, and shelter cats in the local area and partners with local shelters to provide select services for unwanted cats and kittens in their care to help create a sustainable, healthy outdoor feline population and adoptable kitties that are off to a good start.